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When people go on a family vacation in Florida, they may take advantage of activities that are popular in the state. The coastal waters are popular areas for boating, swimming and other water activities. While most of the time, these activities are safe, on occasion, something can go wrong. A recent parasailing accident left an out-of-state woman dead, and two children injured.

What caused the accident

The female victim in the accident was parasailing with a local Florida Keys company north of Seven Mile Bridge. Her 10-year-old son and 9-year-old nephew were with her on the flight. The boat captain claims that a gust of wind pegged the parasail, which meant it was no longer under control. The captain cut the tether which left the victims in control of the wind. They were dragged through the water until they collided with a bridge.

When emergency crews arrived at the scene, the woman was pronounced dead. The 10-year-old suffered minor injuries and the 9-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital. Investigators are looking into the accident. While weather conditions may have caused the accident, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will try to determine if they were other contributing factors.

Pursuing a wrongful death claim after an accident

Many people enjoy doing adventurous activities while on vacation. On rare occasion, tragedy strikes and something goes wrong, leading to serious injuries or even death. Accidents are sometimes the fault of no one, but if there was negligence involved, the victim’s family members may have the option to file a wrongful death suit against the party at fault. Anyone who finds themselves in such a situation can speak with a Florida personal injury attorney for legal advice.