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Other Litigation

Estate And Trust Litigation

In Florida, both last wills and trusts are ways to designate how and to whom an individual’s assets transfer when they pass away. Unfortunately, often family members and others cannot agree as to what the terms of a will or trust mean. Likewise, family members and others may question validity if the person making the will or trust was a victim of undue influence or lacked capacity. When court intervention is required regarding these issues, consult with a lawyer at Eastmoore Crauwels & DuBose to know your rights.

Guardianship Litigation

If an individual becomes incapacitated, the court may appoint a guardian of the person and/or property.  When legal issues develop concerning the incapacitated person’s assets, will or trust, Eastmoore Crauwels & DuBose can help. The lawyers at EC&D have successfully represented family members, charities, alleged incapacitated persons and court-appointed guardians.

Insurance Litigation

Insurance bad faith occurs when an insurance company refuses to act reasonably by denying coverage or by refusing to settle a claim under reasonable circumstances. Our attorneys are equipped to advise our clients regarding potential insurance claims, including pursuing a claim in court if necessary.

Business Torts

Businesses must act reasonably. If they do not, they may violate one or more of the many consumer protection laws such as the Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA), or the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act laws. Eastmoore Crauwels & DuBose counsels and litigates for both consumers and businesses in these matters.

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