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Safe boating practices can prevent accidents

Boats are a popular mode of transportation around Florida’s waterways. The mild temperatures allow for boating year-round in many parts of the state. Whether boating for leisure or to get from one place to another, boaters need to observe safety measures to prevent...

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Medication errors and medical malpractice

When someone seeks medical care in Florida, they rely on the health care provider to know the medications they prescribe. Medications can cause allergic reactions, may interact with a patient’s other medications, or may cause other injuries when not used properly....

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Pedestrian injured after car runs red light

In populated areas of Florida, pedestrians often need to cross streets in areas where traffic is present. Using crosswalks and obeying traffic signals can go a long way in keeping pedestrians safe when they need to cross a street. But when drivers don’t follow the...

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Understanding medical negligence

When someone visits a medical care professional in Florida, they expect that professional to provide the best care possible based on the needs of the patient. Health care providers are required to adhere to a set of care standards to ensure they don’t cause harm to a...

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