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Preparing for surgery can be a stressful experience for those in Florida and other states. Patients may be understandably nervous about the procedure and the recovery process. Fortunately, most surgeries do go as planned with no complications. When a complication does happen, as it did to a woman in another state, the results can be traumatizing. Surgical injuries due to misuse or faulty medical equipment can have lasting consequences for the patient. 

Victim burned during surgery  

The patient in question, a 79-year-old female, was supposed to have some tumors removed from her shoulder and neck. As is common in many procedures, she was hooked up to oxygen with a tube through her nasal cavity. The surgical team was using a cauterizing tool to close the wounds after the tumor removal. For unknown reasons, the tool sparked, which caused the oxygen to catch fire. 

The fire spread to the drapes which were being used to protect the woman during surgery. She received second and third-degree burns to several areas of her upper body. The woman believes these injuries were preventable and she’s now suing the medical care facility as well as several providers who were present during the surgical procedure.  

Medical malpractice victims have options 

A medical malpractice case can be a traumatic event for a patient that has already been injured and is likely dealing with unexpected health issues related to the injury. But when a medical care professional doesn’t perform a procedure based on the standards of care, the victim may have the right to seek compensation through the civil court system. Florida victims can consult an experienced attorney to see what legal options they have.