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When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident in Florida, they may be unsure if seeking medical treatment is necessary. While people often walk away from accidents with no injuries, if there is any indication at all that something could be wrong, it’s best to seek medical treatment. Most injuries will heal better and in a timelier manner when they are treated promptly. 

Untreated injuries can lead to bigger problems 

When someone is involved in a motor vehicle crash, they may not be immediately aware of their injuries. Soreness, bruises, and pain can develop the next day or several days after the crash. High-impact and high-speed collisions can lead to whiplash, broken bones, internal injuries, and other serious health concerns. If there is any indication of an injury, it’s always best to be checked by paramedics on the scene or to seek treatment on one’s own. 

Not treating an injury immediately can lead to that injury becoming more severe. This is especially true with internal injuries which are not always noticeable right away. If someone experiences loss of consciousness, trouble breathing, an injury to the head, excessive bleeding, or severe pain anywhere on the body, it’s best to go to a local emergency room to be checked out.  

Legal help after a car accident 

When a car accident is caused by driver negligence, those injured have the right to file a civil lawsuit against the driver at fault for compensation for their injuries. Florida accident victims often find themselves facing time off from work while recovering, not to mention costly medical bills. A successful lawsuit can provide compensation that may help cover those expenses.