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A motor vehicle accident can merely cause scratches, but a serious road crash can take away lives. When a fatal road accident happens, it is an unfortunate and heartbreaking tragedy for the loved ones of the victim.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that there are around 1.19 million road crash fatalities around the world every year. The WHO also pointed out that several human errors pose risks to road safety that may cause deaths.

Failure to ensure road safety

When law enforcement authorities are unable to enact traffic laws, they pose threats to road safety. Other human errors that could lead to road crash fatalities include the following:

  • Making substandard motor vehicles: Manufacturers show irresponsibility when they produce vehicles with substandard airbags, stability controls and seat belts. They must make sure that all their vehicles are in accordance with safety regulations and production standards.
  • Constructing unsafe roads: Dangers on the road can also be due to roads that were built against safety standards. Other dangers can be due to poor maintenance and the lack of crossing points and cycling lanes.
  • Committing negligent acts: The greatest risks come from drivers who are negligent in following traffic laws. Among their negligent acts are driving under the influence, speeding and failing to use safety devices like helmets and seat belts. Meanwhile, drivers and passengers alike can cause distracted driving when drivers use their cell phones and passengers make loud noises and unruly actions.

In addition, emergency medical providers can cause road safety risks when they fail to provide the right treatments to dying victims. Also, victims with serious injuries who did not receive treatments from them right away may also suffer from death.

Seeking justice for a wrongful death

A road crash fatality can cause immense suffering and distress to the victim’s loved ones. To seek justice, you may pursue restitution to pay for medical and funeral expenses, recover lost income and ease your sorrow and pain.