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There are many risks on Florida roadways, just as there are in other states. These risks include negligent drivers, who can cause serious accidents and injuries to themselves and others on the road. When people don’t follow traffic laws in the state, and they drive when they aren’t supposed to go, the result can be tragic. One unlicensed driver was recently involved in a head-on collision where he was injured, and five other individuals were killed. 

How did the accident happen? 

This head-on crash occurred early on a Saturday morning. A 30-year-old man was driving the wrong way in the westbound lanes of the Palmetto Expressway.  He struck a sedan with five people inside. Both vehicles had extensive damage. All five of the sedan occupants were pronounced dead at the scene. The wrong-way driver suffered from serious injuries and was hospitalized. 

The man driving the wrong way on the expressway did not have a driver’s license and hadn’t had one for many years. After losing his license, he had various other driving-related charges on his record. Sadly, his decision to drive unlawfully may have been the cause of five deaths. 

Seeking justice through a civil lawsuit 

This accident left grieving family members behind who likely have questions about why the accident happened. While no amount of money can bring back their loved ones, funds secured through a civil lawsuit can help them pay expenses associated with the loss of their family members. This case, of course, is complicated by the fact that the man did not have a license. When faced with a car accident-related death, Florida residents can seek advice from an experienced personal injury attorney to understand what legal options they may have.