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Many Floridians enjoy riding motorcycles, and the state’s mild weather allows for year-round motorcycle travel. However, motorcycles are more vulnerable to being involved in accidents, and motorcyclists are often seriously injured or killed when involved in a crash. While not all accidents are avoidable, there are some steps that motorcyclists can take to lessen their chances of being involved in a crash. 

Staying safe while riding a motorcycle 

Motorcyclists can benefit from staying aware of their surroundings and driving defensively, even when others on the road are not being as cautious. Motorcycle riders should obey traffic signals, travel at or below the speed limit, and adjust their speed based on weather conditions. It’s also important to leave enough space between them and the car in front of them to stop suddenly if needed.  

Motorcyclists should always wear safety gear, including a helmet, to protect them if they are involved in a crash. Wearing reflective clothing or applying reflective decals to the motorcycle can increase visibility.  It’s helpful to do a quick safety check of the bike before each ride. Motorcyclists should check their tire pressure, brakes, headlights, and signal indicators to be sure everything is in working order.  

Legal help when one is involved in a motorcycle accident 

Even when motorcyclists use extreme caution when driving, they are still vulnerable to being involved in a crash with a larger vehicle. When a Florida motorcyclist gets injured in a crash due to the negligence of another driver, they have the right to seek compensation through a civil lawsuit against the driver at fault. Victims can speak with a personal injury attorney to better understand their legal options.