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For many Florida families, summer means taking a road trip. Whether one is traveling within the state, or to a location further away, preparing the family vehicle for the trip is important. Accidents can happen when a car is not prepared for a long drive. It’s always a good idea to perform a safety check on a vehicle as part of the vacation planning process.

Avoid delays and accidents

Driving a safe vehicle can help one avoid some accidents and prevent delays related to mechanical issues that can happen on the road. Some people choose to have a mechanic check over their vehicle before a long trip. For anyone who feels comfortable checking the vehicle themselves, it’s important to focus on all parts that suffer from regular wear and tear. This includes tires, wipers, lights, fluids, and the battery.

Once the safety check is complete, it’s essential to be sure the vehicle is prepared for emergencies. An emergency car kit should include a spare tire, tire gauge, jack, and flat repair. One may also wish to include a first aid kit, flashlight, road flares, basic tools, and jumper cables, which can help in many common roadside emergencies.

Accidents can still occur

Some accidents, especially those that occur due to negligent drivers, are simply unavoidable. Injuries in these types of accidents can leave victims with significant physical and financial issues. Florida accident victims who were injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver can seek restitution through the civil court system. An attorney can provide advice on how to file a lawsuit against the driver at fault.