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Boats are a popular mode of transportation around Florida’s waterways. The mild temperatures allow for boating year-round in many parts of the state. Whether boating for leisure or to get from one place to another, boaters need to observe safety measures to prevent accidents. Like motor vehicle accidents, boat crashes can leave those involved seriously injured and the added danger of falling off the boat while injured can lead to drowning, which can make boat accidents more dangerous than car crashes. 

Safe boating 

The person piloting the boat should be sober and free from distractions. Drinking while navigating a boat is just as dangerous as drinking while driving. The individual operating the boat should be sure to have enough life jackets on board for each person on the boat. Children and those with limited swimming capabilities should wear their life jackets anytime they are on board a vessel.  

Those new to boating can benefit from taking a boater safety course and familiarizing themselves with boating laws. Boaters should be conscious of the weather and head back to shore before a storm hits when possible. It’s important to always watch out for tubers, water skiers, and other boats to prevent collisions.  

Injured in a boating accident 

Boat accidents can leave one with injuries that may prevent one from returning to work during recovery. Victims may face significant financial strain after such an injury due to the high costs of medical bills and loss of income. If the accident was due to the negligence of another person, the victim has the right under Florida law to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.