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As a consumer, you probably have expectations that any product you purchase is perfectly safe for use as designed. After all, sellers and manufacturers are legally obligated to meet certain standards during the production and distribution of all consumer goods. Unfortunately, there are still far too many instances where a particular product ends up in a recall due to the harm it caused to victims through no fault of their own. 

Product liability laws hold these entities responsible in situations where consumers suffer damage and injuries from using a defective product. Some of the most frequently seen cases include certain medications, children’s toys, a toxic food or drink, auto parts, medical devices and much more. Victims of these incidents do not have to prove that a seller or manufacturer acted in a negligent or reckless manner. Instead, they only have to show that an issue with the product in question led to their injuries and suffering. 

The different types of product liability claims  

There are many different ways in which a faulty product can cause damages to consumers. The most typical product liability claims filed by victims of these unfortunate incidents include the following: 

Manufacturing defects: These defects happen when errors occur during the manufacturing process that result in a dangerous product. Both the manufacturer of a defective part along with the producer of the overall product can potentially face legal consequences for these actions.  

Design defects: A flaw in a product’s design can still create a safety risk to consumers no matter the level of care taken by the manufacturer. 

Inadequate warning: When purchasers don’t receive instructions for a product’s intended use along with warnings for any potential injury risks, the odds of suffering harm can significantly increase.   

In the state of Florida, victims who suffered harm or lost a loved one due to any type of defective product have a certain amount of time in which they can file a product liability claim. With extremely limited exceptions, the state’s statute of limitations allows four years from the date you were injured or two years from the date when your loved one passed.  

Increasing your odds of success during this challenging time  

The aftermath of sustaining injuries and harm as a victim to any defective consumer product can be overwhelming. Dealing with mounting medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages from being unable to work can add even more emotional and financial strain to what is already a trying time. Fortunately, there is professional help and assistance readily available to you that can provide much-needed guidance through the entire process and increase your odds of receiving the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.