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In populated areas of Florida, pedestrians often need to cross streets in areas where traffic is present. Using crosswalks and obeying traffic signals can go a long way in keeping pedestrians safe when they need to cross a street. But when drivers don’t follow the laws and don’t stop at stop signs or red lights, accidents can happen. A recent accident in St. Petersburg resulted in multiple vehicles damaged and a pedestrian with serious injuries.  

What caused the crash? 

The accident happened just after 10 a.m. at an intersection on Central Avenue. According to authorities, a blue BMW ran a red light while traveling southbound on 34th Street. The BMW struck two SUVs that had green lights and were proceeding through the intersection. The impact caused one of the SUVs to roll over and land on the BMW. 

The vehicles left the roadway and struck a man who was standing nearby on the sidewalk. He was pinned under the vehicles until first responders could rescue him. The man suffered serious injuries and his current condition is unknown.  

Pedestrians have rights when injured in a crash 

Pedestrians have a reasonable expectation of safety when following basic safety laws like standing out of the street while waiting to cross and following traffic signals. Sadly, pedestrians are often injured when a driver is negligent and doesn’t stop when they are required to by law. Driver negligence is cause for an injured pedestrian to file a civil lawsuit to seek compensation for costs related to their injuries. Florida victims can speak with a personal injury attorney to understand their rights and determine how best to proceed forward.