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When someone seeks medical care in Florida, they rely on the health care provider to know the medications they prescribe. Medications can cause allergic reactions, may interact with a patient’s other medications, or may cause other injuries when not used properly. Patients should feel confident that their providers are aware of their medical history and current health concerns when administering medications, so errors are not made. When a provider makes an error with a medication, it may be considered medical malpractice.  

Medication errors 

Health care providers are responsible for knowing a patient’s medical history, as well as being aware of any medications they take currently before administering new drugs. The misuse of medicines can seriously harm a patient. When a provider prescribes a drug that interacts with another medication, administers an improper dosage, or fails to administer a necessary medication, this may be considered medical malpractice.  

Erroneous use of medications can lead to illnesses, disabilities, birth defects, and death. Some errors are due to mislabeled drugs, errors in the computer system, or missing information in a patient’s chart. Health care providers must be diligent when administering medications and should always double-check all relevant information before prescribing a medication. 

Facing an injury due to medical malpractice 

Nervousness and anxiety related to health care issues are not uncommon. Florida residents who must seek treatment for an injury or illness should not have to worry about medication errors. Sadly, these errors do happen, and they can leave a patient with serious harm. Those who’ve been injured in Florida due to a health care provider’s error have the right to pursue action against that provider in the form of a medical malpractice lawsuit.