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Car accidents on Florida’s roads happen for many different reasons. Inattentive drivers, hazardous road conditions, and inclement weather can all contribute to crashes. Sometimes, drivers make serious errors that can lead to fatal accidents. A recent crash involving three vehicles left one man dead and three people injured. 

A tragic 3-car collision 

The crash occurred on State Route 54, near Heron Cove Drive late in the afternoon. A 54-year-old man was traveling west in a sedan. The driver of the sedan veered into oncoming traffic for unknown reasons. His car struck an SUV that was traveling east which in turn struck another vehicle in the eastbound direction. All three vehicles involved came to rest in the eastbound lanes.  

The driver of the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Two children and the female driver of the third vehicle, a van, suffered from minor injuries. Investigators are now left with the task of trying to understand why the accident happened and to determine who was at fault. Since the driver of the sedan passed away, the injured victims may be able to sue the man’s estate if there is evidence that he was negligent.  

Victims can seek legal help after an accident 

Motor vehicle accidents can leave victims with serious, and often, life-changing injuries. Crash victims may suffer from much pain and may not be able to work after the accident. In cases such as this, Florida accident victims have the right to seek legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can provide guidance on how best to act against the driver deemed at fault in the accident.