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Boating is a way of life for many Floridians due to the easy access to waterways. But like motor vehicles, boating can be dangerous when one doesn’t follow basic safety rules. Boating accidents can result in serious injuries or fatalities. A recent accident in Miami left one man injured, and another died when the boat they were in struck a ferry. 

Details of the boating accident 

The collision happened early Sunday morning before daylight. Two men were in a 30-foot boat near Miami port. For unknown reasons, the boat collided with a ferry near Dodge Island in an area with many cruise ship terminals. The two men in the boat went overboard.  

One of the men was pulled from the water and treated for his injuries. The other man was later found dead. Authorities are investigating the crash to determine what events happened in the moments leading up to the collision. It’s unknown if negligence may have caused the crash and no charges have been filed at this time.  

Victims of boating accidents have legal options 

Victims of boating accidents have many of the same legal rights as victims of motor vehicle crashes. Florida boaters are responsible for following the laws and being safe when on the water. A boat accident can be very serious because not only does one have to deal with injuries sustained in the crash, but oftentimes victims may be thrown overboard which can lead to drowning. Those injured in a boating accident, or the family members of those killed in an accident, can benefit from consulting with an attorney who can provide guidance on pursuing a wrongful death case against the party at fault.