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Florida drivers face many hazards when navigating roadways in the state, just like drivers in other parts of the country. Not only does one have to watch for hazardous road conditions, but one must also be cautious of others who are driving unsafely. Driving under the influence of alcohol puts everyone on the road at risk and is a significant concern. Accidents involving intoxicated drivers can cause serious injuries to others on the road and to pedestrians. Sadly, these accidents are all too common.  

Man is seriously injured 

A recent accident involving a pedestrian left a man injured. Authorities believe Vontae Davis, a former NFL player, was driving while intoxicated when he caused the accident. The victim was standing by his disabled vehicle, which had a flat tire. His truck was rear-ended by a 34-year-old man driving a Tesla. The impact caused the victim’s truck to strike him, leaving him injured.  

Police say Davis was displaying obvious signs of intoxication. He was arrested on misdemeanor DUI charges. There is no update on the extent of the victim’s injuries or whether he has been released from the hospital.  

Injured victims can seek compensation 

Motor vehicle accidents can leave a victim with injuries that may lead to financial strain from loss of work. Accident victims may also have medical bills and other expenses related to the accident. Victims have the right to seek justice through the civil court system. Any monetary relief awarded can help offset these unexpected expenses. A personal injuryattorney can provide Floridians with guidance about pursuing a case against the person deemed at fault for the accident.