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Many parents worry about sending their teens out driving alone, but it’s a common right of passage for Florida teenagers. Their lack of experience can cause them to make poor decisions when driving. Teens are often involved in fender benders, usually without major injuries. However, many teenage drivers are seriously injured in Florida and other states around the nation every year. Parents can educate their teens on safe driving practices to help them avoid accidents.

Helping a teen with safe driving

Many teens want to start driving because it makes it easier for them to hang out with friends, but having friends in the vehicle can be problematic. Distracted driving, which includes driving while eating or using a cell phone, can also happen when a teen has others in the car. Some parents choose to make rules about how many people a teen driver can have in the car with them. This can be especially beneficial for beginners.

Teen drivers should know the effects of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Teenage drivers should also know how important it is to always wear a seatbelt and to closely follow all traffic laws, including the speed limit. Parents should be sure to be aware of their own driving habits, so they set a good example for their teens.

What to do when an accident happens

Driving independently is an important part of growing up for many Florida teenagers. Most parents are aware of the risks of driving and make attempts to teach safe driving practices to their teens. But even safe drivers can be involved in an accident, especially if someone else on the road is negligent. When one is injured in a motor vehicle accident, taking legal action against the negligent driver can provide compensation to help pay for accident-related expenses.