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Being involved in a head-on collision can be very serious. Head-on collisions in Florida often happen at high rates of speed and the impact can leave those inside the involved vehicles with serious or fatal injuries. A recent accident in Hillsborough County left five people dead and injured several others. 

An accident with fatal consequences 

The crash happened on a Sunday night about 25 miles north of Tampa. A Ford SUV was traveling north on SR-39 when it collided head-on with a Nissan pickup truck. For unknown reasons, the SUV had crossed the center line before colliding with the pickup. The impact of the collision killed the driver of the SUV, a 20-year-old female. Three other passengers in the SUV, including an adult female, a 1-year-old, and a 12-year-old, also died from their injuries.  

The seriousness of the accident was made worse when a tractor-trailer struck the pickup after the initial crash. The truck driver was uninjured. However, the pickup driver suffered fatal injuries. Several passengers were also seriously injured. Investigations are ongoing so authorities may be able to determine what caused the accident.  

What to do after a serious car accident 

After the initial trauma of being involved in an accident passes, victims or their surviving family members are often left with many questions about why the accident happened. Financially, accident victims and their families can also suffer a great burden when trying to pay for accident-related expenses. Those who find themselves in such a difficult situation have the right to speak with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney to see what legal options they have in pursuing a case against the person deemed at fault.