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Many people ride bicycles in Florida, both for leisure and as a preferred method to get from one place to another. But bicyclists are at risk of being involved in serious accidents when traveling on or near roadways. When a car strikes a bicycle, the rider may be thrown far from the bike, which can result in severe injuries. After a recent accident in Gulf Stream, a coalition has been formed to promote bicycle safety in an effort to keep everyone safe. 

Bicycle safety 

A serious accident occurred in Gulf Stream on North Ocean Boulevard that required six bicyclists to be hospitalized. The driver of the SUV involved in the accident was also injured. The recently formed Florida Share the Road Coalition hopes to bring awareness to the issue of bicycle safety. The coalition wants to promote safety for everyone on Florida’s roadways.  

Those behind the coalition believe that additional safety measures along A1A could prevent accidents involving bicycles. Some of the proposed changes include painted bike lanes and education for both bicyclists and drivers to help them understand the laws. These ideas will be promoted to many communities in the area where bicycling is popular. 

Help after an accident 

When someone is injured in an accident involving a bicycle and a motor vehicle, the injuries can be serious. Bicyclists can wear the proper safety gear and follow Florida’s bicycle laws but are still vulnerable when traveling near motor vehicles, especially when drivers are negligent. Anyone injured in an accident where driver negligence was a contributing factor can benefit from speaking with an attorney to see what options they have in taking action against the driver at fault.