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Motorcycles are commonly seen on many roadways in Florida. People enjoy riding motorcycles for leisure and due to the mild climate in the state, they can be used year-round. Most motorcyclists are aware of the hazards that go along with riding a motorcycle on roads where larger vehicles are present. Accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles are often very serious for the rider, and sometimes fatal. Sadly, a motorcyclist recently lost his life in Hillsborough County when he collided with another vehicle. 

What caused the crash? 

The collision happened on a Friday evening near an intersection on Turkey Creek Road. A motorcycle was traveling southbound when a truck, driven by a 64-year-old man, turned in front of the motorcycle, leading to the collision. The 31-year-old rider was fatally injured in the crash and pronounced dead at the scene. The pickup driver was uninjured.  

As the investigation continues, authorities will try to determine whether the pickup driver was negligent in turning in front of the motorcycle. If they believe negligence was a contributing factor in the crash, the driver could face charges. The victim’s family may also wish to seek compensation for the death of their loved one through a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver.  

Wrongful death  

When someone is killed due to the negligence of another, the victim’s family has the right to sue for wrongful death. While no amount of monetary compensation can bring back a loved one, those funds can help a family recover financially after a loss. Florida families who’ve lost someone due to the negligence of another person can benefit from consulting with an attorney to see if they have enough evidence to proceed forward.