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Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation in parts of Florida. While bicyclists may be very cautious when navigating in areas where cars are present, that caution doesn’t keep them safe if motorists don’t use the same care. A distracted motorist can strike a bicycle unexpectedly at an intersection, leaving the rider seriously injured. Sadly, a bicycle rider lost his life in a recent hit-and-run accident in Manatee County. 

How the crash happened 

The accident happened at around 9 p.m. on a recent Friday. A bicycle rider tried to cross the eastbound lane in a pedestrian walkway on North SR 70. He was struck by a sedan traveling in the eastbound lane of SR 70 at the 60th Street intersection. The left front of the sedan struck the bicycle, causing the rider to fall off.  

The driver of the sedan fled the scene of the accident. The bicyclist was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead the next day. After an investigation, the police were led to a Manatee County residence where they found the vehicle that they suspected was involved in the crash. The car was impounded, and the driver could face charges related to the crash. 

The unexpected loss of a loved one 

Losing a loved one in an accident can be very traumatic for a family. If negligence was a cause of the accident, the family may understandably want to seek justice for their loved one. While the negligent driver could face criminal charges, families should be aware that they have the right to file a civil lawsuit that is separate from the criminal case. A Florida attorney with knowledge of wrongful death cases can provide advice on how best to proceed forward.