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When parents are expecting a baby, they don’t want to think about the medical problems that can arise during birth. While most babies in Florida are born without a serious issue, when something does go wrong during childbirth due to medical malpractice, the newborn may be injured in a way that can lead to developmental delays. These delays can last a lifetime and meeting the needs of a birth-injured child can be financially draining to a family.  

Birth injuries 

During birth, the attending medical care provider should monitor both mother and baby to be aware if anything goes wrong. Close monitoring will allow the doctors to intervene, if necessary, which can prevent many birth injuries. If the doctor does not intervene, the baby may suffer from injuries that can lead to cognitive delays, issues with fine motor skills, and delays in speech development.  

Some delays can be helped with therapy over time, but others can leave a child with mental or physical disabilities. Birth injuries can contribute to a child not reaching milestones as expected, which may include limited speech and mobility. A child with a birth injury may require additional help to learn how to walk, talk, and develop emotionally.  

Legal help for parents 

After a birth injury due to medical malpractice, parents may be understandably worried about their child’s future. Children who suffer serious injuries during and after birth often need therapy, special medical care, and other accommodations to help them thrive. These accommodations can be incredibly expensive and can cause a financial burden for a family. Florida parents with a child injured due to medical malpractice at birth can benefit from working with an attorney to understand their options in seeking compensation.