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Navigating Florida’s roads comes with challenges as it does in any other state. Drivers must stay alert and aware to avoid accidents. But sometimes, a driver can be doing everything right and still be involved in a collision. A recent night and early part of the next morning saw three separate deadly crashes. Two crashes were in Orange County, while the other was in Brevard County.  

Crashes may have been avoidable  

The first accident involved only one vehicle, a pickup truck. The driver failed to negotiate a curve, which led his vehicle to leave the roadway. He was ejected and died at the crash scene. The second accident in Orange County involved a bicycle and SUV. For unknown reasons, the bike traveled in front of the SUV and was struck, leaving the bicyclist deceased. 

Later in the morning of the next day, a two-vehicle crash happened in Brevard County on State Road 520. An SUV was traveling in the wrong lane when it struck a smaller car. The driver of the car was seriously injured and died at the hospital. The SUV driver may have been impaired, and he is now facing several charges associated with the accident. After initial investigations, Florida Highway Patrol officers believe that each of the accidents could have been prevented.  

Seeking help in a difficult situation 

Car accidents happen for many different reasons and some of those reasons are due to negligence or improper driving practices. When someone loses a family member in an accident where another driver was at fault, they may be able to seek justice through the civil court system. Those in Florida who find themselves in such a horrible situation may find comfort in speaking with an experienced attorney to see what options they have in pursuing a case against the driver deemed at fault.