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Driving along interstate highways in Florida can be a convenient way to commute to and from work or travel to other parts of the state. While these highways can allow one to travel quickly from one place to another, the higher speed limits and heavy traffic can increase the risk of being involved in an accident. Interstates like I-95 are also often used by semi-trucks and other large vehicles, which can also contribute to serious crashes, like the case of a recent accident.  

Crash ends in injuries and a fatality 

The accident happened on I-95 on a Thursday morning in the area near Race Track Road. A semi was merging onto the highway from the outside shoulder of the road. According to Florida Highway Patrol, the semi was rear-ended by a box truck while attempting the merge.  

The collision of the two oversized vehicles was serious enough to kill the passenger in the box truck. Both the driver of the semi and the driver of the box truck were injured and treated in a nearby hospital. When the investigation is complete, it’s possible that one or both drivers could face charges, depending on the findings of law enforcement personnel.  

Accidents involving large vehicles are often serious 

When a large vehicle like a semi or box truck is involved in a crash, the drivers and passengers often suffer serious injuries. Florida accident victims, or the victim’s surviving family members in the case of a fatality, may be left with hefty medical bills and other accident-related costs. When another driver’s negligence contributed to the crash, taking legal action through a civil case against the driver deemed at fault may help victims and families recover from the financial strain.