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Florida’s roads see many different types of vehicles every day. People may be commuting to and from work, traveling on a family road trip, or running errands. There are also many commercial vehicles on the state’s roads and many of these vehicles are oversized and generally more difficult to navigate than a passenger vehicle. Drivers must use caution when navigating around these larger vehicles or a serious accident can occur. 

A fatal accident that may have been preventable 

A recent accident in Lake County left three people dead. The crash happened early Friday morning on State Route 33. According to authorities, a Chevrolet pickup truck was traveling south on SR-33 when it crashed into a semi that was traveling in the opposite direction. The initial collision caused the pickup to collide with an asphalt truck that was behind the semi. 

When the semi and pickup collided, the impact caused the semi to overturn. The asphalt truck also ran off the roadway and overturned. The female driver of the pickup and her two passengers were all killed in the crash. The two truck drivers were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for non-life-threatening injuries. Authorities will continue to investigate to determine if either of the three drivers was negligent. 

Accident victims should know where to turn for help 

Many innocent people are injured or killed on Florida’s roadways each year. Negligent drivers may be held legally responsible through a civil lawsuit when they cause an accident that leads to injury or death. A personal injury attorney can provide helpful information to accident victims or their family members on how to proceed forward with a civil lawsuit against the driver at fault.