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Losing a loved one in an accident is never easy. But when that loved one is a teenager with their whole life ahead of them, it can be especially devastating for a family. Car accidents take lives every day in Florida and other states around the nation. Some accidents are caused by negligent drivers while others may happen due to weather or road conditions. A recent accident in Orlando left a teenager dead and his family still doesn’t understand what happened.  

An accident with few details 

Understandably, families want answers when they lose someone in an accident, and when those answers aren’t available, an already heartbreaking situation is made much worse. The teen who passed away was helping a friend after their vehicle broke down beside the road. The young man’s truck was hit by another vehicle, and he was killed. 

The teen’s parents feel like they have not had a reasonable response from authorities about the details of the accident. No charges have been filed against the driver who hit the young man’s truck and there is very little information available about the cause of the accident. The family hopes for answers so they can move forward with the healing process after their devastating loss. 

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit 

The families of accident victims may feel many different emotions after losing a loved one. Initially, they often feel angry and overwhelmed with grief. Knowing the details of the accident and seeking justice through the legal system can help a family begin to heal. When a loved one dies in an accident, families have the right to seek compensation through the civil court system. A Florida personal injury attorney can provide advice on how to proceed with a wrongful death lawsuit against the person at fault in the accident.