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In Florida and throughout the country, distracted driving is a significant safety concern. Whether a driver is preoccupied with a cellphone or not focused on the road due to other things going on in the vehicle, it puts everyone nearby at risk of an accident. Distracted driving accidents are all too common and the results are often tragic. A recent accident in Tampa was likely caused by a distracted driver, and sadly, two other people lost their lives due to the collision.  

The dangers of distracted driving 

Taking one’s eyes off the road for any amount of time, even for mere seconds, can lead to a serious accident. Morning traffic was heavy on a recent weekday on I-275 when a multi-vehicle crash happened on the exit to Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa. A man driving a pickup looked down at his phone, and in doing so, crashed into vehicles that were stopped in traffic. Six vehicles were involved in the accident.  

When the pickup driver crashed into the vehicle in front of him, there was a chain reaction that caused the initial vehicles to strike four others. Tragically, the driver and passenger in the vehicle initially struck by the pickup died in the crash. Several others were injured, some with serious injuries and some with only minor injuries.  

Steps to take when injured in an accident 

Distracted driving is a serious offense and if the evidence suggests that an accident was caused due to a distracted driver, those injured may have the option to file a civil case against the driver deemed at fault. In the case of a fatality, the immediate family members of the victim may also have this option. Florida victims may wish to seek the opinion of an experienced personal injury attorney to see what options for legal recourse are available.