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Traffic on Florida’s roads consists of vehicles of all types and sizes. In busy areas, car crashes are not uncommon. Accidents involving large vehicles like semi-trucks and buses can be very serious. The size of the vehicles can cause a lot of damage to smaller passenger cars, which can mean those inside the smaller vehicles suffer severe injuries. A recent accident involving a semi-truck, a bus, and a smaller vehicle left one dead and many others injured. 

Accident details 

This crash happened on a Wednesday morning as many people were commuting to work and school. A transit bus carrying passengers was driving along State Route 60. The bus was involved in a collision with a semi-truck. Another vehicle, a pickup truck, was also involved. When rescue crews arrived at the scene, they were faced with many injuries and one death.  

Overall, 16 people were injured in the accident, with two of those people suffering from serious injuries. SR 60 had to be closed to traffic so paramedics could tend to the injured and the crash debris could be cleaned up. Investigators haven’t yet released any information as to why the accident happened or who was at fault.  

Where to turn for help 

When someone is involved in a serious car accident, there may be unexpected expenses associated with loss of work, medical bills, and other costs. If an accident was caused by another driver, the victim or the victim’s surviving relatives have the option to pursue legal action against the person at fault. By consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney, Floridians who find themselves dealing with the aftermath of a serious car accident can learn more about what actions can be taken.