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Motor vehicle accidents happen every day on Florida roadways. These accidents may happen due to poor road conditions or driver error. When an accident occurs, the speed of the vehicles and the way the vehicles impact each other usually determine the damage and the extent of the injuries of those involved. A recent accident in Jensen Beach left one man dead and another seriously injured after their vehicles struck each other. 

Accident details 

The crash occurred late in the morning on a weekday.  A 40-year-old man was attempting to make a left turn into a gas station along NW Eugenia Street. A 20-year-old man was driving in the opposite direction toward the turning vehicle on the same street. For unknown reasons, the car driven by the younger man struck the right side of the other vehicle. 

The collision caused both vehicles to leave the roadway and come to rest on the right shoulder of the street. The impact caused significant damage to both vehicles, and the older driver was killed in the accident. The 20-year-old was seriously injured. The investigation is ongoing and may determine which driver was at fault in the accident.  

Accident victims and families have rights 

When someone is injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident, and the crash was caused by a negligent driver, the victim or the surviving family members may have cause to file a civil suit against the driver deemed at fault. Florida residents who were injured in an accident, or families who lost a loved one in a serious crash, have the right to consult an attorney. Personal injury attorneys can provide helpful advice and support for those seeking to take legal action against the driver considered responsible.