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Teenage drivers can often take risks that experienced drivers would never even think about. Parents in Florida and other states often worry when their teenagers start driving. In most cases, those worries are unfounded. But in some situations, a teen driver may make some very risky decisions, which can lead to a tragic car accident. A recent accident involving a teen driver and a pricey luxury vehicle left two teenagers dead. 

What caused the accident?  

This single-car accident happened early one morning. The 19-year-old male driver and the 17-year-old female passenger were traveling on a county road when a state trooper attempted to pull them over. The driver failed to stop and instead fled from police at a high rate of speed. During the chase, the driver unsuccessfully attempted to navigate a curve, but instead, the car left the road and became airborne. It struck a canal embankment and went into the canal.  

When authorities got to the scene, both driver and passenger were deceased. Investigators are looking into the crash to determine exactly what happened. Since the driver died in the accident, the family of the passenger may have the option to pursue legal action against the young man’s estate if it’s determined he was at fault.  

Legal help for the victim’s family 

Losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident leaves the surviving family members in a very difficult situation. When a young person is killed in such tragic circumstances, the family may be left with many unexpected costs related to the accident. If an investigation shows that the accident was caused by negligence, loved ones can seek justice through a civil lawsuit against the driver at fault or their estate. Florida families who’ve lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident can contact a personal injury attorney for legal advice.